Why Our Boots On The Ground Campaign Is Important

Here’s a really interesting poll result that came out Tuesday morning that we wanted to pass along to you.

Click here to read an Angus Reid analysis current polling in the 67 closest federal ridings in 2015. These ridings were all decided by margins of 5% or less in 2015, and currently indicate that the Conservatives have seemingly reversed the trend that saw the Liberals win 33 of these 67 ridings.

This is still “early days” in an election, with three weeks to go. At this point in 2015, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives were still ahead of both the NDP and Liberals in the polling. However, the extreme tightness of the race in 2019 to this point show that these 67 ridings are key.

As you know, we are targeting 16 key ridings for the focus of our support. All 16 of these ridings were won by the Liberals by less than a 3% margin. So the efforts we’re putting into winning these back, with your help, are tremendously important to the 2019 election outcome. Our 16 ridings are all included in the Angus Reid analysis quoted above.

Here is a link to our “Boots on the Ground” campaign page that shows you the 11 ridings we’re focussing on so far. Here are the next three on our list:

Hastings-Lennox and Addington – Derek Sloan – The Liberals won this riding in 2015 by a razor-thin margin 0.45%, or a total of 226 votes. Derek Sloan is a young, energetic lawyer who likes to spend his spare time in the woods with a chainsaw. Perfect candidate to mow down the Liberals in this very key Conservative riding.

Newmarket-Aurora – Lois Brown has been working tirelessly in the riding she held from 2008 until 2015, when the Liberals upset her by a mere 1,500 votes in this key Conservative riding. She hasn’t missed a beat in carrying the Conservative flag and contributing to many local non-profits and community organizations. We’re going to do everything we can to help to send her to Ottawa.

Aurora-Oak Ridges – Richmond Hill – Leona Alleslev won this riding as a Liberal by a little more than 2%, and crossed the floor to join the Conservatives four months after Andrew Scheer won the leadership. This former Air Force officer clearly has the right stuff to keep this riding Conservative Blue.

Here are two things you can do to help us move these three Ontario ridings back into the win column:

1. Elections Canada rules have placed a limit of $1,600 that any one Canadian citizen or permanent resident – no corporate donors allowed – can collectively contribute directly to one or more local federal election campaigns. We are highlighting 16 candidates in our “Boots on the Ground” campaign so we’d ask you to consider donating up to $100 for each of those 16 ridings.

So, if you are able to, please donate up to $100 to each of these three campaigns above directly on their websites. The local campaign teams will use those funds for their election expenses. Suits and Boots will have no role at all in using those funds. Tax receipts will be issued for these direct campaign donations.

2. At Suits and Boots, we’ll be directly focussing a strong social media campaign in each of these three key Ontario ridingsWe will also be making calls to people we know and encouraging them to help her, and working through a variety of local channels we have on the ground in each of these areas.

Donations to Suits and Boots are different than the direct donations to individual campaigns. We are registered as a Third Party Advertiser with Elections Canada and can accept up to $500,000 in donations in total, with no individual limits, and we’re allowed to accept corporate donations as well. We simply report to Elections Canada the identity of any donor of $200 or more. No tax receipts are issued.

Your donation to us goes straight into supporting these local campaigns. This is hugely powerful. And we need it now!

Click HERE to Help Us Win NOW!!!

Thank you so much for your help and support!


Rick Peterson
Founder and Director
Boots On The Ground

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