Trudeau will not change until his legacy is threatened

By Cory Morgan

Western Canada is well placed to lead the way towards economic recovery in 2021 as the world digs itself out of the economic morass created by all of the pandemic lockdowns. As nations around the world take a hard look at their finances, most will realize that solar and wind generation projects are costly indulgences right now. Demand for ethically sourced petrochemical products will be rising and we have those in abundance. Unfortunately, our ideologically driven federal government will not willingly let us fill that world demand for conventional energy products. Nothing short of a solid push for Western independence will change that.

Western Canada has some of the most profuse oil and gas reserves on earth. We have a highly skilled labour force along with modern exploration and production infrastructure. Our environmental standards are among the highest on earth as are our human rights protections. By all measures, we should an ideal provider of petrochemical products around the world. The only obstacle we have is a hostile administration in Ottawa.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the most shallow and vain federal leader in Canadian history. He is incapable of understanding nuanced economics and he has blinded himself to the consequences of his ideological pursuit of a family legacy. Trudeau sees the West as a hindrance to his agenda rather than a national asset that needs to be appreciated and fostered. It is sheer folly for the West to expect any goodwill from the current federal government.

The Liberal Party of Canada has nothing to lose politically in the prairie provinces and it shows. Until the price of antagonizing and abusing the West becomes higher than the perceived benefits of such policies, little is going to change. We need to play Trudeau’s vanity against himself and the only way to do that is to threaten his legacy.

Justin Trudeau wants to go down in history as the great “green” leader who transformed Canada from a resource based nation into a monument of renewable energy generation. He doesn’t care of the West despises him as long as he can try to portray himself as an environmental hero on the international cocktail circuit. It is pointless to try and get him to understand just how damaging his agenda is to the entire nation, never mind the West.

A strong and viable Western independence movement can change all that. If Canada finds itself on the brink of dissolution as a nation due to decades of abusive federal policy, even a vacuous little man like Justin Trudeau will realize that something has to change. A “green” legacy will mean nothing if it leaves a broken nation behind it.

Trudeau is governed by nothing else aside from self-interest. The only way to make the self-interest of Western Canada and the self-interest of Justin Trudeau come together is to seriously pursue Western independence. If Trudeau’s legacy is put more at risk through abusing the West’s energy industry than by getting out of the way, Trudeau will finally get out of the damn way!

There is a world energy transition taking place but it will still take at least a generation to wean the earth from petrochemical dependency. Western Canada can enjoy a period of productive prosperity during this transition as we produce and export our petrochemical products while adapting to the changing markets. This can only happen if Ottawa is either put in its place or taken completely out of the picture by a Western independence movement, the time is now and we won’t get another chance.

Cory Morgan is a Western Canadian blogger and Alberta independence activist and is also a columnist for the Western Standard.

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