This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Oil Patch!

Rick Peterson, Founder and Director

The Suits and BootsFace-to-Face Canadian Resource Sector Tour” swings back to Calgary on December 12th for our final stop before the holiday break.

Check out our map on the Suits and Boots Home Page showing where’ve been, where we’re headed and why we’re on this important mission. And how you can help us keep this show on the road!

After visits to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal over the past ten days, we’ll be in Calgary for a luncheon on December 12th that will highlight how the Alberta energy sector has rapidly transformed and how the young professionals in this sector are addressing head-on the double challenges of climate change politics and technological innovation.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming up on December 12th – details coming to you next week:

The positive focus on rapid change in the oil patch is one strong message that we’re taking with us on our Suits and Boots journey. Indeed, This ain’t your Daddy’s oil patch anymore – that is clear.

We’re taking a page from the powerful work in this area done by the American Petroleum Institute – check out these two awesome videos and you’ll get where we’re coming from: Oil: Power Past Impossible and Natural Gas: Power Past Impossible.

We have some extremely sharp and strong young Suits and Boots energy professionals in Calgary. They have stepped up, asked for a voice in our Tour, and have promised us they’ll deliver in a huge way. So, that’s what we’ll do.

On the 12th, we’re going to highlight their work and their views on four key areas:

  1. Climate change – the political reality around us is that two-thirds of Canadians believe action on climate change is a must. How do our young professionals view this political and social reality, and what are their views on their futures in the energy sector over the next decades when Alberta is seen to be – if you read social media and most news reports – offside with most of the rest of Canada in this area? 
  2. Technology – as the videos above show, technology drives innovation and change in this sector – and addresses a good portion of the issues around climate change. Who is leading the charge in this area? Where should we be watching for the future developments? Who are young leaders in Calgary and across Canada that we should be watching?
  3. Energy literacy – the language around energy, climate change and innovation has changed dramatically. Communicating forcefully, honestly and with integrity are key to the success of having a vibrant energy sector “sell” its value. Who is a leader in this area, what are the mediums they’re using, and what are some platforms we should be watching? “Ok, Boomer?” ?
  4. Energy investing – we’ll hear from a young, Calgary-based investment industry professional on what millennials and other young investors should be watching for in this sector.

After this event we’ll provide you with a summary of some of the amazing, surprising and totally unexpected things we’ve heard on this cross-Canada tour, including a very “warm” reception we received last Friday in Montreal from the office of Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet right in the middle of a propane gas supply crisis in Quebec!

More details on that after December 12th.

Until then, does our December 12th Calgary event sound interesting? Want to help us pull it off? We’re keeping costs down to a minimum, but still could use some help.

If you think, like we do, that “This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Oil Patch” anymore and all of Canada should learn more – Click Here and Support our Tour!

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