The Government of Alberta Unveils its Natural Gas Vision and Strategy

Here it is!

Once again, Alberta and the Federal government are heading in opposite directions!

While one government is desperately trying to restart the econony, the other is trying to shut it down though over regulation! 

It’s the middle of October and all that we are hearing from our federal government is that there looking at new ways to Tax the industry!!

Suncor has recently laid off 2000 people which indicates the direction the industry is heading.  

Investment banks are only taking mandates on M&A !! 

There is absolutely no new capital coming into the industry!!

And major banks are reducing RBL books and there are a few trying to exit the industry completely!

Trudeau & Singh have formed a New Team and it looks like we have 3 more years of this!!

We are pushing hard for a Spring referendum!!

More to follow on that strategy. 

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