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Yesterday afternoon I shared a stage in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, with Vivian Krause of Vancouver. Each of us spoke to about 1,500 people who sat in a hockey rink with -40 degree weather outside and heard about the challenges facing Canada’s resource sector. Huge kudos to local businesswoman Darla Dorsett and her team for pulling of an amazing event.

Vivian traced the origins and motivations of foreign-financed campaigns that are intent on killing Canada’s resource sector. I followed up and outlined how Suits and Boots is standing up and fighting back.  I asked everyone in that rink to join us in our battle to #KillBillC69. Here’s how we launched this campaign on September 10th of last year.

In less then 90 minutes after our presentations had ended, the Suits and Boots website had collected several hundred new followers, all from Kindersley. And the three Senators who are responsible for deciding where the Senate will be conducting its public hearings on Bill C69 had received more than 500 phone calls. All from Kindersley.

Suits and Boots is now at 3,500 supporters across Canada. In more than 300 communities from coast to coast to coast. We are getting tremendous media coverage. We are leading a national debate on C-69. And we are fueled by nothing but the strong, grassroots support of severely normal Canadians who want to see a strong resource sector. This is amazing.

But that’s not all. On Monday we scored a huge win in our campaign to shut down Bill C69.

You may remember that a week ago we wrote an op-ed and issued a news release outlining why a Royal Commission should be struck, and travel across Canada for hearings,  to deal with issues that Bill C69 is trying – unsuccessfully – to address. Here is a link to that op-ed in the Vancouver Sun.

On Monday the Senate announced it would take the C-69 Committee hearings out of Ottawa and come listen to voices across Canada. That’s a huge win for us.

But what’s next is more important – we need to have Suits and Boots represented at the table during the Committee hearings. And we need the Committee to take their hearings to Kindersley.

And we need your help for that. Here’s what you can do:

Call or email each of these three Senators, who will make the decision on where the hearings will take place and who can make presentations. Ask them to have Suits and Boots be at the table at the hearings. And ask them to come to Kindersley and hear concerns here:

Rosa Galvez


Jane Cordy


Michael MacDonald


Our Suits and Boots video that we launched last week, entitled “Kill the Bill”, has been a huge success.

You can access by clicking on this link. It’s been viewed almost 7,000 times on YouTube and has begun playing on radio stations across Canada. It has led to new supporters, new donations and continued momentum to our #KillBillC69 campaign. Thank you so much for your support!!

Anything you can do to share this for us helps us immensely. Here’s how you can help.

  1. Forward this video link to your contacts;
  2. Share on Twitter and tag us @SuitsAndBootsCA; and
  3. Share on Facebook and tag us @suitsandbootscanada

We’re on a roll. And it’s all because of your support. Thank you so very much.

Let’s get this done.

Rick Peterson,

Founder, Suits and Boots

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