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Monday night’s federal election result was obviously not the one we wanted for Canada’s resource sector.

It’s clear that the Conservative failure to expand it’s base of support in Ontario sealed the deal for the Liberals. That’s why the election was essentially over by 8:30 pm Eastern when the Ontario numbers came through:

  • Liberals won all 25 seats in Toronto – home of many resource sector CEOs, fund managers, investment bankers and retail investors
  • In the 905 area, which helped deliver a majority to Premier Doug Ford, it was no contest: Liberals 47%, Conservatives 35%, NDP 12%.
  • Conservative share of popular vote rose nationwide, but actually dropped in Ontario.
  • The Liberals lost only one of its 80 Ontario MPs.
  • Ontario MPs will now make up half of Trudeau’s caucus; combined Ontario and Quebec MPs will make up ¾ of the Liberal caucus.

There is a small silver lining in this scenario, however. With your help, Suits and Boots indeed did contribute in a small way to help support the resource sector in this election. As you can see below, 12 out of the 16 Conservative candidates that we supported on our “Boots on the Ground” campaign were indeed elected. Your contributions directly to their local campaigns were greatly appreciated. Your kind and generous donations to Suits and Boots helped our strategic efforts via social media and other channels to identify votes in these ridings and help assure strong turnouts.

To be sure, these candidates and their teams on the ground deserve all the recognition and all the credit for their wins. It’s nice to know, however, that Suits and Boots played a positive, constructive role in electing 12 Conservatives who will be going to Ottawa to work on our behalf. Thank you for your support – it was meaningful, strategic and helped move the needle in favour of the resource sector.

But it’s clear a lot of work needs to be done. And we’re going to step up to do it. With your help.

There’s a role for Suits and Boots to help the pro-resource sector increase our support in Ontario, and in Quebec, and in British Columbia. We’re putting together a plan now to do exactly that, and will roll it out to you shortly.

In the meantime, here’s the scorecard from Monday night on our “Boots on the Ground” campaign:

Again, thank you for your support – let’s keep working to protect Canada’s resource sectors which power our economy and provide jobs from coast to coast to coast.


Rick Peterson
Founder and Director
Suits and Boots

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