Suits and Boots Targets Three Key 3% Seats

Today our  “Boots on the Ground” campaign, in support of 16 key Conservative candidates in battleground ridings across the country, will focus on a trio of very winnable contests on October 21st.

These three ridings in BC, Alberta and New Brunswick all have one thing in common: they were ridings that Liberals took away from Conservative MPs in 2015 in extremely tight races.

How tight?

By 3% or less in each case. That’s it. Between 1,000 to 1,900 votes difference in each riding. If half of those votes plus one were to swing Conservative, all three ridings would be ours again.

It’s clear that the path to a Conservative victory on October 21st depends on ridings like these swinging back to the Conservatives now that the shine has clearly worn off the “sunny ways” of the Liberal government in the past four years.

Every single bit of help we can give these Conservative candidates could very well make the difference. Check this out:

Coquitlam – Port Coquitlam – Former Conservative MP and cabinet minister James Moore held this riding from 2000 until he stepped back from politics before the 2015 election. The seat then flipped to the Liberals in a tight three way race with the Conservative candidate coming in second by less than 3% and the NDP candidate only another 5% behind.  So in this election, with federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh turning in a stronger-than-expected national campaign so far, there’s a good chance of fatigued Liberal votes siphoning off to the NDP and creating an opening for Conservative candidate Nicholas Insely. Nicholas is a UBC graduate and did an MBA at Oxford and worked in Ottawa during the Harper government years on a number Western Canadian economic files.

Edmonton Centre – This seat was formerly held by Conservative Laurie Hawn. In 2015 it as well flipped to the Liberals. Randy Boissennault won by less than a 3% margin over Conservative candidate James Cumming, who is back for a re-match and has worked his tail off in the past four years in the riding. James has future cabinet minister written all over him given his solid background in the community and business. Check out his impressive bio online, and you can see why we need to move the needle in this core Edmonton riding and get him to Ottawa on the front benches of a Conservative government.

Fundy Royal – Rob Moore ran a strong Conservative campaign in 2015 and only lost by a margin of 3% despite the Liberal wave that swept through all of Atlantic Canada. Conservatives are looking to win back a large number of this seats in the region this time around, and Rob’s New Brunswick riding has to be at the top of the list. Rob has served as the Opposition Shadow Minister for Atlantic Canada since 2015 and held a number of key cabinet positions in the Harper governments.

Here are two things you can do to help us claw back that 3% in each riding and help Nicholas, James and Rob:

1. Elections Canada rules have placed a limit of $1,600 that any one Canadian citizen or permanent resident – no corporate donors allowed – can collectively contribute directly to one or more local federal election campaigns. We are highlighting 16 candidates in our “Boots on the Ground” campaign so we’d ask you to consider donating up to $100 for each of those 16 ridings.

So, if you are able to, please donate up to $100 to each of these three campaigns above directly on their websites. The local campaign teams will use those funds for their election expenses. Suits and Boots will have no role at all in using those funds. Tax receipts will be issued for these direct campaign donations.

2. At Suits and Boots, we’ll be directly focussing a strong social media campaign in each of these three ridings: Coquitlam-Port CoquitlamEdmonton Centre, and Fundy Royal. We will also be making calls to people we know and encouraging them to help her, and working through a variety of local channels we have on the ground in each of these areas.

Your very best leverage to help these candidates win is to donate directly to us at Suits and Boots. You can do that by clicking here on this link.

Donations to Suits and Boots are different than the direct donations to individual campaigns. We are registered as a Third Party Advertiser with Elections Canada and can accept up to $500,000 in donations in total, with no individual limits, and we’re allowed to accept corporate donations as well. We simply report to Elections Canada the identity of any donor of $200 or more. No tax receipts are issued.

Your donation to us goes straight into supporting these local campaigns. This is hugely powerful. And we need it now!

Thank you so much for your help and support.

One donation here helps us win back 3 Conservative seats.


Rick Peterson
Founder & Director
Suits and Boots

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