Suits and Boots launches national campaign to kill Bill C69

Suits and Boots announced today it is launching a national campaign to kill Bill C69 in the Canadian Senate.

Rick Peterson, founder of the not-for-profit group of investment industry professional who support Canada’s resource sector, said Bill C69 would drive out resource sector investment if it becomes law.

“Bill C-69 would be the hammer that drives the nail in the coffin of resource sector investment in Canada,” he said. “The bill has quietly passed the House and gone to the Senate, so we’re asking our supporters to call or email all 95 Senators and urge them to defeat the Bill, to send it back to the House so it can be reworked to ensure stringent but clear rules for resource project approvals in Canada.”

Known as the “Impact Assessment Act”, Bill C-69 is the federal government’s attempt to impose new environmental assessment measures on resource sector project investment proposed in Canada. The Bill sailed through the House of Commons before the summer break, assured of passage with the current Liberal government majority. It will be reviewed by the Senate in the fall session.

“The Senate indeed has the power to kill C-69,” said Peterson. “It’s used this power to kill or turn back more than 200 bills since Confederation, including bills the House sent to it in the past few decades on major issues like abortion, free trade, GST and greenhouse gas regulation.

“This Bill would choke off investment in Canada’s resource sector by imposing environmental and review standards that are clearly focussed on a green agenda rather than on responsible resource development. We’re not going to stand by and let that happen to our economy and our resource sector families.”

Peterson says Suits and Boots volunteers will be manning the phones and sending out Senate contact information to supporters across the country. A key summary of the “Ten Reasons to Kill Bill C-69” is posted on the group’s website and will help resource sector families focus on key issues that they will use to convince Senators to vote against the Bill.

Today there are 95 sitting Senators, so 48 Senate votes would be needed to kill the Bill. The 31 Conservative Senators will all very likely oppose C-69, said Peterson, a former 2017 Conservative Party leadership candidate.

“That means that we need to find only an additional 17 Senate votes among the remaining 64 Senators – 11 Liberal, 45 Independent and 8 Non-Affiliateds.

“This is a very winnable battle, and it will be our key focus for the next 30 days.”

Shawn Hall
Apogee Public Relations

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