Scheer’s Conservatives climb in Ontario as Trudeau’s Liberals struggle

Toronto Sun

The Conservative position in Ontario is improving as the election rolls, on.

A combined online and telephone sample of 2035 voters in the country’s largest province by Campaign Research shows Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives pulling ahead of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

The poll shows the Conservatives with 39% support in Ontario compared to 35% for the Liberals. The NDP is at 12%, the Greens at 10% and the People’s Party at 2%.

Justin Trudeau appeared in ‘brownface’ in a 2001 yearbook photo from the private school where he taught.

The last release from Campaign Research taken just before the campaign was officially launched had the Conservatives and Liberals tied at 36% in Ontario, the NDP at 14%, the Greens at 10% and People’s Party at 2%.

The poll was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday night meaning half of the people polled likely hadn’t heard of Trudeau’s blackface troubles yet.

“You can’t say with certainty that it is, the first day was before blackface was known,” pollster Nick Kouvalis said when asked if the boost for the Conservatives was over Trudeau’s troubles.

“What has happened in this poll is that the Conservatives are climbing slowly in Ontario. That’s what we can say with certainty. It’s a consistent and steady support upwards over the past three to four months,” Kouvalis said.

The poll shows Trudeau’s Liberals still leading in Toronto and the Hamilton-Niagara regions but trailing in every other part of the province.

According to Campaign Research, the Conservatives hold significant leads in the Ottawa, York-Simcoe and Halton-Peel regions of the province.

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