Save Line 5!

While the Trudeau Liberals are preparing for a snap-election of their own design, they are pointedly ignoring a pending catastrophe in Sarnia Ontario.

Under the ideological guidance of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan has vowed to cancel the easement for Enbridge’s Line 5 which delivers liquids from Western Canada to Sarnia’s refineries.

If Line 5 is shut down this May as Whitmer plans, it is estimated that 5000-6000 jobs will be lost in Sarnia which only has a population of 75,000 people. It will decimate the region’s economy which is already struggling due to pandemic restrictions. The shutdown of Line 5 would also lead to fuel shortages and may put Ontario and Quebec homes at risk if propane can’t be delivered for heating.

While Enbridge is fighting this action in the courts and provincial and local governments are speaking out against this move by Whitmer, the federal government remains virtually silent on this crisis.

International trade and infrastructure is the jurisdiction of the federal government. They should be front and centre on this issue, standing up for the people and the Canadian company which employs them.

When the Trump administration threatened aluminum tariffs on Canadian goods, the Trudeau government responded swiftly and strongly with countermeasures in order to protect our workers and industry. Why will this government not act to protect the jobs in Sarnia and the assets of Enbridge?

We can’t let the Trudeau government ignore this issue in hopes that it goes away. We can’t let them leave thousands of Canadians hanging and unemployed as this pipeline is needlessly shut down.

Suits and Boots speaks up for Canadians in our essential resource industry and we have launched a petition demanding that the Trudeau Liberals stand up for the people of Sarnia. We can’t let thousands lose their jobs over a misguided push to prematurely shut down essential energy infrastructure.

To sign the petition please visit

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  1. While this potential disaster will receive little more than token lip-service from our PM, there could be residual benefits to it’s demise. As facts, logic, and common sense have not swayed the GTA and Quebec into understanding that our oil and gas industry has and can provide security, safety, and prosperity for decades to come, sadly it may be time for some shock therapy. The shutdown of Line 5 may finally awaken the “Woke” as the price/supply shocks would certainly get their attention. It’s sad that this is what it might take, but as they say, “Reality Bites”.

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