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Cenovus Energy’s annual ESG report is 65 pages long, while its 2019 financial statements are only 56 pages.

Here’s why we’ve been asking you to spread the word, help us hit the 10,000 mark in followers, and make a donation to Suits and Boots: today is the start of our next campaign. And it’s a huge one.

Two large and very powerful US-based companies are causing irreparable harm to Canada’s energy sector, and they are being indirectly helped by groups like the Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, David Suzuki Foundation and Climate Action Network, among others.

Sound familiar? I wrote about this in today’s Financial Post – read it here.

Once you read it, PLEASE do the following two things:

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  • Help us raise $50,000 for this campaign. I know, it’s a lot – but look who we’re up against. We need to get serious, and as usual, others will fall in behind us once we take the lead. So if you know any person, family, group, company, foundation, endowment or anyone else who can help, please ask them. They can contact us, or donate directly DONATE DIRECTLY HERE. We are able to accept funds from any individual or group in any amount.

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