Orangutans, Green Bonds & Conservatives

Thanks to everyone from Suits and Boots who joined us on Friday, May 1st, for the fun and freewheeling “Zoffee” session with Markham Hislop of EnergiMedia.

You can see the full 60-minute session on YouTube by clicking here.

Along with Cam Bailey, our Calgary based energy sector executive/investment banker, here’s what we covered:

  • A short critique of Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans”
  • A look at the federal governments aid package to Alberta’s oil & gas sector
  • Insight into why “green bonds” make sense in Alberta and across Canada
  • Views on the current Conservative Party of Canada leadership race

Markham is a sharp moderator and a strong voice on energy sector policy. This is well worth the 60-minutes it takes to see the whole video

Sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy!

Rick Peterson
Founder, Suits and Boot

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