Oil To Rise Into December-January


Oil rose in November, normally a weak month. When oil has risen in the month of November in the past, it has risen in 10 of 13 cases in the month of December. Apparently, when oil overrides the usual November weakness, the momentum carries through into the next month. When oil has fallen in past Novembers, oil has risen in only 9 of 23 cases in December. In the average month, December has been up in 53% of all cases. I conclude that oil will rise next month but only moderately. 

As we can see in the monthly histogram of expected return, price has passed through the seasonally weak period and is moving into a seasonally stronger period in the first quarter. We will now examine the dynamic cycles.

The monthly cycle is in an ascending mode and rises into February. The weekly cycle is falling in December offsetting some of the monthly cycle strength, so the result is likely to be a volatile trading range followed by a January-February rally. The combination of increasing seasonal strength and rising cycles will lift prices as December concludes. Oil will likely be at the $64-$65 level by the end of January.

Monthly Annual Expected Return-Oil

Oil is leaving its weak seasonal period.CYCLES RESEARCH INVESTMENTS LLC

Oil Monthly Cycle

The monthly cycle rises into late January. CYCLES RESEARCH INVESTMENTS LLC

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