Make Sure the Liberals Hear Your Voice

We are now in the final push of our campaigns on Bill C-69 and C-48. Can we count on your help right now, when we need it the most?

Things are looking ugly, if you believe this scenario could happen.  If it does, the Prairie region will erupt in flames. Guaranteed.

And all our work we’ve done at Suits and Boots for the past nine months will have gone down the drain. Your voices will have been ignored. Your calls and emails and letters and help will have been for naught.

The final decisions on both these Bills are in the hands of the Liberal government. It alone has the power to decide if your voice counts. We’ve done our work in the Senate. Now we turn to the Liberal government.

And to do that we are asking for your financial support.

We’ve done an amazing job in the Senate. Your work through Suits and Boots has helped nearly 200 amendments to C-69 to be sent back to the House.  If all of these amendments are accepted by the government, we will have achieved our goal of killing the original language in Bill C-69 and replacing with a much better Bill. The resource sector and investment industry could live with Bill C-69 as amended.

Bill C-48, the tanker ban, is a different matter. The Senate could have killed this Bill yesterday. Instead, it appears likely it will be sending it back to the House of Commons where the Liberal government will decide its fate.

Early next week we will be sending you contact info on every single Liberal MP  (click here to see who they are) and two former Liberal independents – Jodi Wilson Raybould and Jane Philpott.

We will asking them to Say Yes to the Bill C-69 amendments and to say No to Bill C-48.

But right now, we need your help. A grassroots donation from you to help us with the admin work, website hosting, media support and social media support for a last sprint to the finish line. We run only on the fuel you give us. And NOW is when we need it the most.

Thanks for your help. Let’s get this done.

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