Lotusland – here we come

On Friday of this week we start the Suits and Boots “Face-to-Face” Canadian Resource Sector Tour. And guess where we’re headed? We’re going to “Lotusland”.

That’s right. Straight into the capital of what seems to be the region of strongest anti-resource sentiment in Canada: Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

Birthplace of Greenpeace. Favourite hang-out of anti-TMX bridge danglers and Burnaby Mountain Camp Cloud protestors.  Just across the water from the café latte crowd in Victoria’s legislative press gallery who regularly pooh-pooh the frustration and anger felt in places like Drayton Valley and across this province.

Here are details of our event:

And here’s some background on our four presenters:

  • Ellis Ross – is a provincial MLA for Skeena, BC Liberal Opposition Critic for LNG and former Chief Councillor for the Haisla Nation. He is widely recognized across Canada as a leading voice on matters of business, energy and First Nations issues. Here’s an excellent piece he wrote earlier this year on First Nations struggling with unclear leadership on who speaks for them.

  • Sandy Garossino – is a high-profile, Vancouver-based national affairs columnist for the National Observer. Sandy recently wrote this piece entitled Data-based dismantling of Jason Kenney’s foreign funding conspiracy theory which strongly opposes Vivian Krause’s thesis and conclusions on foreign influence on Canada’s resource sector.

  • Markham Hislop – is a Vancouver Island-based journalist and publisher of Energi Media, where he writes about “the energy transition, the intersection of the existing fossil fuel economy and the emerging Second Age of Electricity”.  Here’s a recent piece he wrote about how today’s how today’s polarized energy conversation will only get worse

We’re not going to Vancouver next Friday to stir the hornets’ nest. We’re going there to engage. To meet these key players in BC’s energy sector, present our views – your views – with passion and conviction. We will be your voice on the ground in a region where your voice is not heard enough – and speaking to people who influence resource sector policy in British Columbia.

If you would like to support this trip and this effort to get your voice heard in Lotusland,
please Click Here.  

We will listen to these four people in Vancouver, as well as others we meet on this tour across Canada. Carefully. Thoughtfully. And respectfully.

Because that’s how things get done. Because that’s how you move the needle on the resource file. Getting Face-to-Face on the ground is much better than shouting and lecturing at people across social media. Because nobody else in Canada seems to be doing this outreach and effort to come together with a positive plan – so with your help, Suits and Boots will take the lead.

By the end of March we will have visited more than a dozen communities across Canada on our tour. Next week, after the Vancouver event, we’ll be in Toronto and Montreal for similar meetings. Then back to Calgary in early December. And on from there across the country in the New Year.

Our goal is to produce a list of Ten Ideas to Save Canada’s Resource Sector by March 30th of next year. Solid, concrete ideas and proposals for the resource sector. We will share them with you and with all Canadians – every political party and group at the national, provincial and local level.

Help us carry your voice across Canada. Help us get Face-to-Face with key leaders in the Canadian resource sector. Click Here To Make Your Voice Heard in Vancouver.

Thanks for your interest and support.


Rick Peterson
Director and Founder
Suits and Boots

PS. We aren’t prepared to just sit behind our keyboards – our resource sector is too important to our economy. That’s why we’re crisscrossing the country, challenging those who oppose our resource sector head-on through our Face-to-Face tour. You can support our efforts by making a donation today!

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