Lights out for Canada’s energy sector?

Our Suits and Boots Face-to-Face Resource Sector Tour heads to Eastern Canada this week, with our next stop on Thursday in Toronto.

We’ll be looking for answers to one key question: Is it lights out for Canada’s energy sector?

To find out, we’ll be on Bay Street, the epicentre of Canada’s financial markets. We’ll meet with a large group of Canada’s leading Investment Advisors, investment bankers and fund managers to find out what the outlook for future capital flows into Canada’s resource economy, with a focus on the oil & gas sector.

We know very well that capital investment into the energy sector has dropped off a cliff. What will it take to bring it back? Or, is it ever coming back?

Should you be calling your own Investment Advisor and asking him or her to get out of any investments you have in the sector? If you live in Calgary, are vacant commercial real estate and an empty Plus 15 the new norm?

What are Canada’s and the world’s leading money managers saying about our energy sector as climate change dominates the news headlines and increasingly enters the financial domain as well?

We’re going to include in our group one man who’s perfectly positioned to give us some insight into these questions:  Shawn McCarthy, Senior Counsel with Sussex Strategy Group

Shawn McCarthy

Shawn’s a recently retired national business correspondent covering global energy for the Globe and Mail out of Ottawa. He’s a former Globe Parliamentary Bureau Chief and New York City correspondent.  We’ll be asking Shawn for insights on the future of resource sector investing in Canada in the wake of the 2019 federal election, and how we are engaged in what he sees is “a seismic shift that could increasingly drive investment capital away from high emission businesses towards those that accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.”

Our first Face-to-Face Resource Sector Tour event, which took place in Vancouver on Friday, (pictured below) was a huge success. Strong turnout, excellent presentations and ideas all around the table. Keep an eye on our Suits and Boots website as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts for pictures and videos from this event.

We came away with some new ideas and views that will absolutely make the cut for our final report at the end of our tour in March. More on that later.

Thanks again for your interest and support.

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