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My name is Cory Morgan, and I’d like to introduce myself to you and give you an update on the next chapter of Suits and Boots. 

I was recently approached by Rick Grafton to see if I would come on board and take over the day-to-day responsibilities of running this platform as Rick moves into a leadership role for Suits and Boots as our Chair.

I am honored and excited to be able to serve as the Executive Director of Suits and Boots as we enter what is sure to be a pivotal year for all of Canada, particularly the West. 

Let me take a moment to tell you a bit about myself. 

I am a born Albertan and currently reside in Priddis. I spent two decades working as a surveyor specializing in petrochemical exploration throughout North America which gave me an excellent education and grounding in the energy sector. I was one of the founding members of the Wildrose Party and served multiple terms on the party executive along with managing campaigns in the 2012 and 2015 provincial elections. I owned and recently sold a small local pub and restaurant and as of late have been working in freelance media roles. 

I am looking forward to applying my experience in building upon the fantastic Suits and Boots foundation that was founded by Rick Peterson in April of 2018 and led by him until he turned his attention to seeking the Conservative nomination in Edmonton Strathcona last spring and Rick Grafton stepped up in his place.

While Canada’s energy sector has been an integral part of creating national prosperity for decades, it is now under threat like never before under a hostile and ideologically driven government in Ottawa. We have passively let energy opponents create and control a false narrative about our industry for far too long and now we are paying a terrible price for our acquiescent approach. 

The petrochemical industry is in a battle for its very life and we need to start standing up for ourselves. We can’t wait for or expect any governments or their agencies to speak up for us. They have proven ineffective or even indifferent to date. 

The world will be rebuilding in 2021. Demand for the energy products that we can provide will be growing throughout the world, but we will never be able to take advantage of that demand as long as we let Ottawa hinder and demonize our industries. 

With a federal election looming, it will be critical for Canada’s energy sector to have a positive voice during what will be a watershed campaign. Suits and Boots will be that voice thanks to a solid team and generous contributors who have built this organization. 

We are going to hit the ground running in 2021 and we will defend our industry. We won’t let groups and politicians with questionable agendas have a pass in attacking our industry any longer. You’ll be hearing a lot from me and my views, and I’ll also be welcoming other voices from across the spectrum that share our passion for assuring that Suits and Boots provides a strong voice for Western Canada.

Cory Morgan
Executive Director Suits and Boots

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