Letter: These Burnaby Trans Mountain opponents look white and privileged


Re: Still fighting 5 years laterNOW News
I was disappointed about the prominent coverage and photo of the 2014 Trans Mountain pipeline protesters.

Any visible minorities? Or service workers? Or construction workers? They looked like a privileged minority, white, maybe some retired, and most probably house owners.

I think your newspaper has a responsibility to reflect the diverse views of Burnaby residents, and not just a small vocal, privileged minority. In this case, the majority view of Burnaby residents is to build the pipeline, in polls and in the re-election of Terry Beech of the Liberal Party of Canada, a party that is committed to build the pipeline.

Most folks in Burnaby, B.C., and Canada want this pipeline to be built, and maybe no more pipelines after that.
Ajit Krishnaswamy, Burnaby

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