JUSTIN TRUDEAU Blackface Protesters On Campaign Trail … ‘WE’RE ALADDIN TOO!’


Justin Trudeau
‘s blackface scandal is still a hot-button issue as the election for Canada’s Prime Minister approaches … as a couple of demonstrators were happy to remind him.

Trudeau took a road trip Friday in Ontario to meet with voters and hold babies — including black babies — as he campaigns for reelection, making stops in Barrie and Whitby.


He was greeted by a group of protesters, at one of his stops, decked out in blackface while holding up the old blackface photos of Trudeau that threw him into a storm of controversy.

The demonstrators also had signs reading, “We’re Aladdin Too! Orillia Blackface Club Welcomes Trudeau.”

As we’ve reported … the Canadian PM has been on the apology tour since a 2001 yearbook photo surfaced showing him in blackface when he was 29 years old. He claimed he was dressed as Aladdin but, after the initial scandal, 2 other instances surfaced where Trudeau wore blackface as part of a costume.

Justin’s been trying to save face ever since, staging a boxing workout with a famous black fighter and appearing on a kids’ show to tell a pair of black twin girls he was sorry.

Looks like he still has some work to do, and quickly … the election’s on Monday.

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