In the Line of Fire

Victor and Joe Camele

Thanks to everyone for the massive support we’ve received for our Suits and Boots petition against the federal government’s recent “military-grade assault weapons” attack on law abiding gun owners.

More than 1,400 of you have signed our online petition. We’ve received hundreds of emails of support for our efforts, and stories showing how the federal government’s May 1st Order in Council decision on firearms laws is arbitrary, poorly thought out, and totally misses the mark on trying to stop gun crimes committed largely by gangs with illegal weapons smuggled across the US border.

Today I’d like to introduce you to two brothers in Vancouver whose business has taken a direct hit over this and are truly in the line of fire from this poorly aimed initiative.

Italian Sporting Goods is a Vancouver firearms and ammunitions supply business that has been owned and operated by the Camele family since it was started in 1969. Brothers Victor and Joe Camele also own and operate a second store under the name International Shooting Supplies, located in Surrey, BC, and which was started in 2009.

Between both stores, Victor and Joe employ 22 full-time and part-time employees. Here’s an email I got from Victor explaining what’s happened to their business since May 1:

“We all know these firearm bans don’t address the actual problem. The Liberal government is taking Legal firearms away from Legal firearm owners that hunt and target shoot.

“If all the legislation that Trudeau is proposing goes through, (handguns as well) we will lose approximately 50% of our business.

“Sales are declining. Since this new firearm ban was announced, we’ve also lost the sales on ammunition, optics and accessories that would be sold with the firearms.  

“As the list of banned firearms continues to grow, there has been no communication or notification to us from the government. Very frustrating.”

Victor and Joe are not alone. Thousands of gun owners and hundreds of businesses have reached out to Suits and Boots with similar stories.

Let’s keep pushing back. Let’s make sure Victor and Joe have a voice.

Here are two ways to do that:

  1. Please visit the Italian Sporting Goods website here and sign the two petitions that are on the front page. And if you can send some business their way, please do!
  1. Help us keep speaking up for Victor, Joe and other law abiding firearms owners. Please chip in with whatever you can donate to this cause.

Thanks to Victor and Joe for sharing their story with us. And thank you for all your support for Suits and Boots and our goal of providing a strong voice for Western Canada.

Rick Peterson
Founder, Suits and Boot                

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