Grassroots power in action

Hugely positive news this week on two different fronts for Suits and Boots that clearly demonstrates the ability of our grassroots power to get things done:

  1. The Senate Committee studying Bill C-69 has agreed to send back nearly 200 amendments to the Senate for full approval. If all goes well, if the full Senate accepts these amendments, they will be sent back to the House of Commons for final deliberation before this Parliamentary session closes in June prior to the October federal election. Many of the amendments are ones that we’ve been pushing for since we started our campaign last September 10th.

    This fight is not over, but we’ve made amazing progress. As you see in the meme below, last September 10th, Suits and Boots picked up the #KillBillC69 ball on our goal line and ran with it. Thanks to your support, the end zone on this campaign is now in sight – but we still have a lot of pushing to do. The Senate is now recessed for a week. When they are back on May 27th we will be asking you again to reach out to Senators by phone and email and urge them to adapt the amendments to Bill C-69. We will send you all contact details. And at the same time we’ll ask them to follow a different Senate Committee’s recommendation on Bill C-48, the Tanker Ban Bill, to kill that bill.
  2. Our #StandUpToChina campaign launch in support of Canada’s canola farmers on Wednesday was a huge success. We had a dozen media outlets contact us about the launch. The Globe and Mail this morning came out with an editorial that essentially backs up our position on China.  The Calgary Herald will be running an op-ed we wrote this weekend. We’ve had a dedicated group of new volunteers on board reaching out to canola farmers and producer groups across the Prairies seeing how we can help them. More news coming next week. We are on our own goal line on this new campaign – and we’ve seen how well we can move the ball on the C-69 campaign. There’s no reason we can’t have the same success here.

Suits and Boots continues to attract new, strong leadership. We’re pleased to announce that Wayne Workun, a Calgary-based branch manager of a leading venture capital investment dealer, has agreed to join our board of directors. And Vinod Balakrishan, a young, working engineer and MBA candidate at the U of C, has stepped up to volunteer as our Media Coordinator. Profiles of Wayne and Vinod and our leadership team can be found here.

We are pure grassroots power.

Thank you for your support. 
Rick Peterson,
Founder, Suits and Boots

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