Financial Post trashes Suits and Boots

According to this article in Friday’s Financial Post

Suits and Boots:

is a “fringe group” that employs “mob tactics”,

sends “hate mail”,  is “insulting”, “vitriolic” and

can “get under the skin”.

This is Brad Schell. He is a Suits and Boots supporter from Okotoks. He’s pulling into Ottawa today with our logo proudly displayed on his 53 ft trailer, waiting to be joined by others in the “United We Roll” convoy. Here’s his truck yesterday morning refuelling in Dryden, ON.

Brad might disagree with the Financial Post.

He’s not alone. Here is what Licia Corbella of the Calgary Herald thinks of YOUR organization.

If you agree with the Financial Post, please let us know. If you agree with the Calgary Herald, please forward this to a friend and have them join here.

Last week, you “insulting, vitriolic, get-under-the-skin fringe group” Suits and Boots supporters donated $6,185 to our cause. That’s an all-time record. Average donation was $65. Thank you so very much – we are so very grateful.

Let’s send a message to the Financial Post and beat that total this week.

Thank you for your support.

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