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Here’s some welcome news.

If you haven’t seen this yet, please check out this new citizen’s initiative here in Alberta called Fairness Albertawww.fairnessalberta.ca.

This is a private group, that receives no government funding, whose goal it is to make sure Canadians understand that when Alberta prospers, the whole country prospers. If you’re able to send a small donation their way, it would be money well spent, believe me. Click here to access their donation portal – and thanks in advance for your support.

At a time when the federal government is running up more than $250 billion in COVID-related spending, it’s worthwhile to note that a good portion of that money being sent across the country comes from Albertans. In fact, over the past 20 years, net Albertan taxpayer contribution to Canada has been $324 billion. That works out to each Alberta family contributing $318,000 to the rest of Canada, with the average Canadian family receiving $42,000.

Check out their website and find out more. It’s very well done, fact-based, and proclaims that the group is “Proudly Canadian. Fiercely Albertan.” This is not a separatist movement, let’s be clear.

David Dorward

There are 30 founding members of this group, including David Dorward, an Edmonton-based CPA and former MLA for Edmonton Gold Bar.

“We’ve been working on this for awhile and we thought the timing was good right now,” he said in a chat with me earlier this week.

“We’ve got a billboard up in Ottawa and on Monday we started an online and media campaign that has really raised our profile across the country. I think we’re starting to get the message across that we really need all provinces in Canada firing on all cylinders, and especially Alberta.

“We want to highlight in a factual way about various fiscal, trade, procurement, energy, infrastructure and other economic policies that have hurt Canada, and especially Alberta. If we can do that, then there will be more across-the-board support for reforms that we all think are essential.”

I’m a huge fan of what this group is doing. They are grassroots, pro-active, smart and focussed on policy issues. We’ll be leveraging off their platform and helping them as much as we can.

Here’s the bottom line: Alberta’s energy sector is a huge contributor to Canada’s wealth creation, with 21% of our export earnings and the largest slice of the pie, as you’ll see below in a chart prepared by the Business Council of British Columbia.

The BCBC’s conclusion was this: “The quickest, surest path for Canada’s post-pandemic recovery is to fire up its big economic engines. These are the industries that are high value-added and/or that contribute export earnings, creating demand for the rest of the economy. In simple terms, these sectors ‘pay the bills’.”

So, here’s how it works: in order to get the energy sector “fired up”, reforms are needed in a number of areas that Fairness Alberta has highlighted.

As I said at the top, the timing of this could not be better. We need these reforms, and we need them now. And we need groups like Fairness Alberta to keep pushing.

Thanks in advance for helping us help them. And thank you, David Dorward, and your friends at Fairness Alberta.

Rick Peterson
Founder, Suits and Boot   

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