Face-to-Face across Canada

We believe it’s time for resource sector supporters to hit the road. Time to get out of the bubble in Alberta where nearly everyone thinks like we do. It’s time to meet face-to-face with Canadians who have different views. Or who don’t understand why the West is so upset.

It’s time we carried your voice across Canada – in person. Face-to-face with people who are helping chart Canada’s future. Frank, open and honest talks.

Our goal? To listen, to learn, and to passionately defend Canada’s resource sector. We hope to find ideas that all of us can get behind that will help local, provincial and federal politicians across Canada make smart, informed decisions on the resource sector in the years ahead.

We will demand, as Stewart Muir writes above, that government decisions at all levels be “anchored in terms of growth in the nation’s economic prosperity in real terms”. No kidding.

There’s nothing to lose. Except the future of our resource sector – and maybe even our country.

Suits and Boots is perfectly fitted for this role. We helped lead the fight on Bill C-69. Let’s step up again and see if we can help on this issue. A national, grassroots and self-funded group like ours has a leadership role to take. Especially at a time where the fabric of national unity is frayed to the breaking point.

More than ever, your voice needs to be heard. It will be. In 2019, we stopped in Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

In 2020, here’s what we have planned:

Tour dates: