CBC quietly unlists Bernier’s campaign trail video, leaves other party leaders up

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The CBC has Unlisted Maxime Bernier’s “Campaign Trail | Day 28” video from YouTube, a series of videos posted by CBC of the major federal party leaders addressing the media on the campaign trail across Canada.

To “unlist” a video on YouTube means that it remains on YouTube, but is only accessible by having the direct link, making it unsearchable through typical means.

But some are wondering where the Bernier’s video has disappeared to.

Even if Google searching the exact title, “Maxime Bernier on the campaign trail | Day 28,” the first results that appear are Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh’s Day 28 videos.

Bernier’s media addresses aren’t as frequently covered by the CBC as Scheer, Trudeau, Singh, or May’s, with the Day 28 video being the first for Mad Max.

But the video, which is only viewable with the protected link, isn’t being censored, according to the CBC.

The taxpayer-funded broadcaster says the video was unlisted due to technical issues with the French-English translation.

“As you might know, we had problems with live streaming PPC Leader Maxime Bernier’s press conference, first losing the feed and then the translation service.

We unlisted the content on both YouTube and Facebook since a large portion of the material is in French, not English.

We are exploring ways to get translated versions up on YouTube and we’ll let you know if that happens.”

In a country where the English-French bilingualism rate is at 17.5 percent with an estimated 5.8 million bilingual Canadians, some are wondering if the video had to be unlisted in the first place.

In terms of polling, Bernier lags behind other federal leaders, pulling in 3.4 percent in the most generous poll so far in October. The federal election is slated for Monday, October 21.

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