Boots On The Ground Campaign Launch

Here’s how you can help Suits and Boots in a campaign to get Conservatives elected in key campaigns across Canada

Over the next three weeks we will be rolling out and highlighting 16 key Conservative campaigns that we’re focussing our efforts on.

These ridings are currently held by the Liberals, most won in 2015 by fairly close margins. In others where the Liberal win was wider, we have found exceptional Conservative candidates that we need to do everything we can to get onto the Conservative government benches in 2019.

Your support of our “Boots On The Ground” campaign can play a key role in getting Canada back on track.

Why are we choosing 16 candidates?

  • Elections Canada rules have placed a limit of $1,600 that any one Canadian citizen or permanent resident – no corporate donors allowed – can collectively contribute directly to one or more local federal election campaigns. If you are able to help any of these 16 local candidates out with any room you may have left in your $1600 donation limit, we’d ask you to consider donating up to $100 for each of those 16 ridings. The local campaign teams will use those funds for their election expenses. Suits and Boots will have no role at all in using those funds. Tax receipts will be issued for these direct campaign donations – you’ll be able to do them directly on the websites of the candidates we highlight.
  • Over and above that, please don’t forget that donations to Suits and Boots are different than the above direct donations to individual campaigns. We can accept up to $500,000 in donations in total, with no individual limits, and we’re allowed to accept corporate donations as well. We simply report to Elections Canada the identity of any donor of $200 or more. No tax receipts are issued. With funds that we raise in that manner, and with your help, we’ll be doing our own independent advertising, social media promotions, email campaigns and other efforts in support of the local candidates. This is hugely powerful.

Thank you


Rick Peterson
Suits and Boots

PS. We’d also be thrilled to earn your financial support during this election campaign – you can make a donation to Suits and Boots through our secure online website here!

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