Bill C-69, known as the “Impact Assessment Act”, is the federal government’s attempt to impose new “environmental assessment” measures on Canada’s resource sector. Suits and Boots and its supporters have been urging the Senators to Kill Bill C-69. As drafted, Bill C-69 introduced numerous new requirements proposed projects would have to meet during their review, many of them unrelated to the project itself, and allows a Cabinet Minister to unilaterally cancel a project for political reasons even after years of expensive and time-consuming review. It is also poorly worded, opening up broad avenues for activists to launch delaying lawsuits opposing even the most responsible projects. Bill C-69 is now with the Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee in the Senate.

Suits and Boots Founder Rick Peterson and Honorary Chair Brad Schell spoke at the Senate Standing Committee – Energy, the Environmental and Natural Resources Committee – in Calgary on April 9, 2019.  Rick felt that Brad’s presentation was the highlight of the session. Here is what he said:

“I started out at 17 years old working in the patch. I got my Class 1 license at 18 and started driving truck. I worked my way through the ranks, started a family owned and operated heavy haul outfit. My wife counted the beans and paid the bills. My son came to work alongside me in the field. When my daughter was going to school she worked part time in the office. In our prime, we employed 40 people. We had top shelf men and women. We paid well and treated them like gold. We had a few long term employees. They were key to our success. About 12 years ago we sold out.  I had a lot of misgivings at the time. I had always dreamed my son and grandboys would take that company and run with it. But today, I’m very grateful we sold when we did. Because today I’d be flat-ass broke and pushing a shopping cart around downtown Calgary collecting bottles. When I go to a Ritchie Bros auction there will be four or five trucks sitting in the lineup all painted to same good looking rigging and you will hear people talking that they know the situation. The bank called his loans. This devastation is province wide. We need access to foreign markets. It’s come to a point in this country where we are almost ashamed to say they work in the oil and gas industry. I’m here today on behalf of the oil and gas industry and every Canadian that feels like I do.”

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