Andrew Mann Stands Up for You – Again!

Andrew Mann is a young businessman with his own electrical contracting company. He lives in Vancouver and is a director on the board of Suits and Boots.

Andrew is an articulate, passionate and strong spokesperson for our organization. He’s not afraid to stand up for the resource sector and for what he believes in. Keep reading and you’ll see why.

Being a vocal supporter of the resource sector in Vancouver is not an easy task. But it’s clear that our young Suits and Boots director is the “go-to” guy for the media in Vancouver when they are looking for a sane, rational and down-to-earth comment on issues that arise there.

Today, for example, a group called “Extinction Rebellion” will be snarling up traffic all day long in a planned climate change protest on Vancouver’s Burrard Bridge. This is a major artery between the West Side of Vancouver and the downtown core. Students, workers, families and emergency personnel will all have to find alternate routes while a group of dancers and drummers and singers push CO2 emissions through the roof as buses, cars, trucks and delivery vans are stuck in traffic and sit idling while C02 emissions go sky-high.

Check out this link to a Global TV report aired last night where Andrew is interviewed (for 5 seconds) and you’ll see why his voice is one of the few ones in Vancouver on this issues.  

And, again the day before, Andrew got the call when CTV reached out to us looking for a spokesperson to counter another Greenpeace anti-Trans Mountain Pipeline demonstration that took place in Burnaby on Saturday, Andrew stepped up to the plate.

Here’s a link to the CTV report that aired Saturday night –  they were kind enough to give Andrew ten seconds out of the two minute clip to air an opposing point of view.

It’s one thing to stand up in support of the resource sector in Calgary– it’s quite another to do it in Burnaby. It can be lonely and frustrating – and even violent.

In July of 2018, Andrew and this then-fiancé (now his wife) were in front of the same TMX site in Burnaby to scout our logistics for a planned Suits and Boots media event the next day. While simply driving through the area, stopping to map out a traffic coordination plan, they were roughed up by an unruly group of protestors at an anti-TMX ramshackle collection of tents, carboard and wood called “Camp Cloud”.

Here’s a video of the Camp Cloud confrontation – and more proof of how strong a spokesman we have – you have – in our young Vancouver director.

Andrew is playing a huge role in our “Boots on the Battleground” campaign in BC. You can see why we need to elect more MPs from the Lower Mainland who support responsible resource investing.

If you’d like to help him, PLEASE CLICK HERE! Your donation of $5, $10 or $20 will help Andrew in his battle – our battle – for sane voices supporting the resource sector in a part of Canada that seems to be in short supply of them.

Thanks again for your support.


Rick Peterson
Founder and Director
Suits and Boots

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